President message

Dear Esteemed Colleagues and Friends, It is with profound humility and a deep sense of responsibility that I address you as the President of our revered Orthopaedic Society. Our legacy, as guardians of the human form and facilitators of movement, is one steeped in tradition, innovation, and the unyielding pursuit of excellence.
The elegance of human movement has inspired art, philosophy, and science throughout history. In this dance of bones, muscles, and sinews, we find our calling. We are not just surgeons or therapists; we are artisans sculpting a brighter tomorrow, where each step taken is free from pain and full of promise.

As we embark on another year of progress and challenge, I am invigorated by the collective strength and wisdom of our society.

  • Our commitment is not just to the present, but to a future wherein the symphonies of mobility are celebrated, unhindered by ailment or injury.
  • Aligning with global visions and driven by timeless values, our society stands poised to redefine orthopaedic frontiers.
  • Through cutting-edge research, transformative education, and global collaboration, we aim to leave an indelible mark on humanity's quest for physical freedom.
  • I invite each of you to partake in this journey with passion and pride.
  • Together, let us move beyond boundaries, fueled by the knowledge that our work has the power to change lives and shape destinies.
  • In unity and purpose, we shall create a legacy that future generations will look upon with admiration and gratitude.
  • Let our shared mission be a beacon that guides our endeavors and illuminates the path towards orthopaedic brilliance