Annual Conference

This is typically the flagship event, featuring keynote speakers, workshops, panel discussions, and presentations on the latest research, techniques, and innovations in orthopedics.

Research Symposium

Dedicated to showcasing the latest research and findings in the field of orthopedics, often including poster sessions, presentations, and interactive discussions

Training Workshops

Hands-on workshops focusing on new surgical techniques, equipment demonstrations, and other practical aspects of orthopedic care.

Continuing Medical Education (CME) Seminars

Regular seminars aimed at updating professionals on the latest best practices, innovations, and guidelines in orthopedic care.

Public Awareness Campaigns

Events aimed at the general public to raise awareness about musculoskeletal health, preventive measures, and available treatments.

Collaborative Networking Events

Opportunities for professionals from different sub specialties or related medical fields to meet, collaborate, and share insights.

Charity Initiatives

 Free clinics, screenings, or surgeries for undeserved communities or those in need.

Youth Engagement Programs

Initiatives aimed at students and young adults considering careers in orthopedics, offering mentorship, shadowing opportunities, and insights into the profession.