Board Members

Professional societies, like an orthopaedic society, typically have a structured board to oversee and guide the organization's operations, direction, and strategic planning. Below is a breakdown of typical board members and their corresponding tasks, derived from the context provided and general practice in many professional associations:


Hisham Abdulaziz Alsanawi

- Lead and represent the society at public events and meetings.
- Set the strategic direction in collaboration with the board.
- Chair board meetings and ensure they run effectively.
- Liaise with stakeholders, other medical organizations, and policymakers.

Vice Chairman/Vice President

Abdullah Mohammed Al Zahrani

- Support the Chairman/President in all duties.
- Step in and assume duties of the Chairman/President in their absence.
- Often lead special committees or projects.


- Manage meeting logistics, including scheduling and agenda setting.
- Document minutes during board and committee meetings.
- Maintain official records, correspondence, and documentation.
- Handle membership communications in collaboration with membership committees


Motaz Abdulrahman Alaqeel

- Oversee the society's financial matters, including budgeting and financial reporting.
- Ensure financial compliance and governance.
- Collaborate with accountants or financial professionals as needed.
- Present financial reports during board meetings.

Director of Education & Training

- Oversee the planning and execution of educational initiatives, including workshops,
seminars, and conferences.
- Liaise with institutions for collaborative educational ventures.
- Ensure quality and relevance of educational content.

Director of Research & Innovation

- Champion and promote research within the society.
- Facilitate research collaborations and partnerships.
- Oversee research grants, awards, or scholarships.

Director of Public Relations & Communications

- Handle media and public relations.
- Oversee the society's external communications, including press releases, newsletters, and
public announcements.
- Manage the society's digital presence, including the website and social media platforms.

Director of Membership & Outreach

- Drive membership recruitment and retention strategies.
- Oversee member services and benefits.
- Engage with the broader community for outreach initiatives and public awareness

Advisory Board Members

- Provide expert guidance and insights on specific matters.
- May include retired professionals, international experts, or representatives from allied fields.

Regional/Chapter Representatives

- Represent the interests of members from specific regions or chapters.
- Communicate local issues or developments to the central board.
- Coordinate regional events or initiatives.